About Us

As 2018 continues to run, skip, jog, mosey, stroll, and race along, we find ourselves already thinking about 2019.  That’s probably because the upcoming 19th year of this century will be the 25th year since the start of Hancock Architecture.  Hard to believe.  Back in 1994, our hair was brown, our backs were strong, and our eyes didn’t need lenses to see.  Much has changed, not only with our physical being, but with how we do business as well.  We like to think though that this change while sometimes challenging, has been for the greater good.  Especially for our long list of clients who have entrusted us to design unique solutions for their building, home, fire station, church, school, daycare, community park, and main street storefront.  The list could go on, honestly.  With over 450 project numbers, many with a, b, c, and d added, the hundreds of varied projects we have completed has kept us creatively impassioned with our work.  We wouldn’t have it any other way – otherwise we wouldn’t be serving our clients well and being good stewards of their investment and their dreams.   

Over the past 25 years, we have found that wisdom and kindness go hand in hand and in a profession that takes a team to put a building together, much wisdom and kindness is needed to be built into the foundation of every project.  Starting from the ground up, at its very core.  Relationships are what design is all about.  Caring about your client’s needs – from their budget to schedule – from their dream to what suits them – is architecture.  Designing for them, not our ego, is what makes architecture real, beautiful, and enduring. 

 So as we hop on through 2018, and prepare for some fun 25th anniversary celebrations in 2019, we would like to thank our past and currents clients who gave us the opportunity to work with them.  And to our future clients, while we don’t know who you are, we can promise you that we will work hard to be good stewards of your dreams.    


Since 1994, Hancock Architecture has worked with businesses, communities, and individuals throughout the tri-state area building a reputation for quality design. Through innovative solutions and a commitment to detail and sustainability, we’ve restored historic structures to a purposeful life, brought vitality to main streets, and improved the lives of people where they live and work. 

Our disciplined approach follows a project from conception through completion.  We work hard to earn a client’s trust and are true stewards of their vision – and investment – in every project we touch.  As a small, independent firm, we work collaboratively to achieve a design aesthetic and functionality that fulfills every client’s individual requirements.  Our buildings and interior designs have lasting character and many have won national recognition. 

Hancock’s extensive portfolio of work includes industrial businesses, commercial firms, retail, government agencies, non-profit groups, and individuals.  We approach each project with a goal of affordable sustainability – with a balanced consideration of the environment, current technology, and a client’s budget.  Our buildings are designed to minimize the impact on the environment, reduce energy consumption, and be functional in purpose.

Our services include:


-Interior Architecture and Design

-Code Compliance Services, including ADA


-Master Planning

-Adaptive Reuse – re-using an older structure for a new purpose

-Project Management – turnkey supervision from planning and design through construction

Hancock Architecture is licensed in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia. We are certified by the American Institute of Architects and National Council of Architectural Review Board.

Hancock Architecture is affiliated with the following organizations: